Telkki, Ville-Veikko

    Prof. Ville-Veikko Telkki is the head of the NMR Research Unit at the University of Oulu (UO). He received a PhD degree in physics at UO in 2006 about 129Xe NMR of porous materials. His postdoc period 2005-06 in the Pines lab at UC Berkeley focused on remote detection imaging of hyperpolarized fluids. Currently, his research concentrates on the development and application of advanced high- and low-field NMR methods for materials research. The methods include ultrafast relaxation and diffusion experiments (Laplace NMR), remote detection, microimaging, NMR cryoporometry, 129Xe NMR, hyperpolarization etc. The materials cover aerosols, biosensors, lignocellulosic biomaterials, solid electrolytes, sustainable cements, wood etc. He received a prestigious consolidator grant from the European Research Council in 2018. He is the chair of EUROMAR2025 in Oulu.