Roberto R. GilPittsburg, United States

    Research Professor and Director of the NMR Center of the Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, US.


    Roberto R. Gil was born in Catamarca, Argentina in 1961. He received the degrees of BS/MS in Organic Chemistry (1983) and Ph.D. in Natural Products Chemistry (1989) from the University of Córdoba (UNC), Córdoba, Argentina. Spent a 3-year postdoctoral stay at the College of Pharmacy, UIC, Chicago, IL (1992-1995) with G.A. Cordell and A. D. Kinghorn. In 1995, he returned to the University of Córdoba as Assistant Professor and member of the CONICET research track. In 2000 spent a one-year Visiting Professor stay at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) working in Protein NMR with Miguel Llinás. In 2001 he returned to UNC for a brief period as Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Science and Technology Affairs of the UNC College of Chemistry. In 2002, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he currently holds the position of Research Professor and Director of the NMR Center of the Department of Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interest is aimed at the development and application of NMR methodologies to the analysis of small molecules in general. Since 2008 he has been strongly involved in the development of new methodologies for the structural analysis of small molecules using a combination of isotropic and anisotropic NMR parameters together with computational methods. He has developed together with Prof. Armando Navarro-Vazquez the unique computational method «Computer Assisted 3D Structure Elucidation» (CASE-3D). In 2012 he was the Program Chair of SMASH-NMR, the NMR conference for small molecules, and he is currently emeritus member of the SMASH organizing committee. In 2012 he also edited a special supplementary issue for the journal Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry (MRC) on “NMR of Small Molecules in Anisotropic Media”. From November 2013 to August 2016 he served as Features Editor of MRC. As of September 1st, 2016, he is Co-Editor in Chief of MRC together with Prof. Gary E. Martin. As of 2020, he has been serving as a member of the BMRB (Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank) Advisory Board. He has over 100 presentations to meetings, co-author in seven book chapters, one entry for the Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, and 134 articles in peer-reviewed journals.